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10 reasons why your 2018 Vision Board must include Sugar Bay Barbados!

10 Reasons why your 2018 Vision Board

10 reasons why your 2018 Vision Board must include Sugar Bay Barbados!

Visions boards are a fun way to lay out your plans for the year and work towards making them a reality. Many successful celebrities like Oprah, Ellen and Katy Perry swear that vision boards help them achieve their goals.

What is a vision board you ask? It’s a collection of goals and dreams that you gather together in a visual way. You can use print outs or create a digital vision board to set as your desktop screen saver. It’s basically selling your own brilliant ideas to yourself.


Here are 10 reasons why your 2018 vision board should include booking a trip to Sugar Bay Barbados and some stunning images to save.


Sugar Bay is in Barbados – The top island destination of 2018

There’s nothing more vision board worthy than an island worthy of the title of the top island destination of 2017. Scoring top on the Destination Satisfaction Index this little island packs a big punch that can be best enjoyed at Sugar Bay Barbados.

Sugar Bay Barbados


Hit all your reset buttons at Sugar Bay

Take a deep breath in and slowly exhale. A vacation at Sugar Bay Barbados is totally relaxing and stress free. Being relaxed allows you to have a clearer outlook on life and to truly focus in on what is important. Bring relaxation into your life on a beach; clear your mind while listening to the sound of the waves or massage away tension at the Sugar Bay’s Karma Spa.

Sugar Bay Barbados


Sugar Bay is simply stunning

Dive right into your desktop screen saver. Our beach is simply stunning! Sunsets will take your breath away while our boho-chic decor will bring the island paradise indoors to relax you at all times. Ocean view rooms! Magical gardens! Enjoy the scenes on your vision board until they become a reality.

Sugar Bay Barbados


Sugar Bay Barbados is an All-Inclusive Resort

A benefit of an all-inclusive is that you can truly relax and forget about everything once you arrive. This takes away some of the stress of planning a vacation as well as the minimized the hustle and bustle once you arrive. We encourage you to explore the beautiful island of Barbados but just about everything you need can be found at Sugar Bay: spa, bars, restaurants, salons, souvenir shops and more.

Sugar Bay Barbados


Sugar Bay is located on a turtle nesting beach

Witness a wonder of the world. Turtle nesting and hatching is nothing short of miraculous! Watch a large majestic turtle to come ashore to nest or watch hundreds of baby turtles burst from the sand and make their way to the water. Sugar Bay Barbados is located along on of the most populated turtle nesting sites in the Caribbean.

Sugar Bay Barbados


Sugar Bay has 4 top restaurants

Satisfy all your cravings! From Sizzle Steakhouse to Umi Asian-Fusion, Sugar Bay has something for everyone. Enjoy a bite at Colin’s Beach Bar and Grill which is fashioned after a local “rum shop”. Finally, Reef Restaurant is where Caribbean & International Cuisine meet in a charming beachfront open-air restaurant. For more on our restaurants or to view sample menus click here.

Sugar Bay Barbados


Spend more time away from Screens

A trip to Barbados is a great way to unplug. Set the reply on your office email to ‘AWAY ON VACATION!!’ as your board your plane to Barbados, and leave the worries attached behind. Time to turn off, relax, and unwind, you are on vacation. At Sugar Bay, swap your screen for ocean views and sunset strolls; your mind (and eyes) will thank you. Taking a break from technology and re-centering yourself is a great gift this vision board choice can give you.

Sugar Bay Barbados


Spend more time with Family

In our busy everyday lives, we sometimes forget to set aside time for those who truly matter. Getting friend or family time is easy at Sugar Bay Barbados, with amazing family packages to choose from, date night ideas, group activities, and getting that bonding time and full attention has never been easier or more fun.

Sugar Bay Barbados


You deserve it!

You work every day to create a happy and successful life for yourself and sometimes life can be tough or get you down, so it’s important to remind yourself that you are worth it. You deserve it all – to be happy, relaxed, enjoying activities, surrounded by island beauty the list goes on and on. Treating yourself is an amazing feeling worthy of putting Sugar Bay Barbados smack dab in the middle of your vision board.

Sugar Bay Barbados

To make this vision a reality book your 2018 Sugar Bay vacation today.

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