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Tips for being Kadooment Day Ready.

10 Tips for being Kadooment Day Ready

Tips for being Kadooment Day Ready.

Kadooment Day is the grand finale of the Crop Over Festival; celebrated in Barbados on the first Monday in August every year. Thousands of Bajans and international visitors hit the road to parade from the National Stadium to Spring Garden Highway. The Kadooment route is about 6 miles (10 km) long and takes roughly 6 hours. Kadooment will leave you on another level of happiness and bliss. It is something everyone should add to their bucket list. If you are lucky enough to join in the fun, you should read these 10 tips for being Kadooment Day ready.


(1) Layout your costume, gems, sneakers, wristband, makeup, drink cup and other essentials the night before so you are not rushing in the morning.

Kadooment costume

(2) Go to bed early and set your alarm. Kadooment Day is an early start and you will want to get up extra early to take photos in your costume on the Sugar Bay beach or by the pool.

(3) Cover your body with sunblock, it’s a long day on the road with minimal shade.

(4) Load up on your buffet breakfast at Reef Restaurant. There is limited access to food on the Kadooment route and you will want to be energised for the day. Breakfast begins at 7 am – we have coffee too!

Reef Restaurant Barbados

(5) Ladies, book a manicure at Karma Spa in advance and colour coordinate your nails with your costume.

(6) Book a body wax at Karma Spa so you will be ready to show some skin in your Kadooment costume.

Karma Spa Barbados

(7) Guys and Gals, don’t forget to clip your toenails. Chipping down the road for hours will be a lot on your feet. Clipping your nails can minimise the risk of losing a nail (sounds gross but trust us, you do not want to make this rookie mistake.) Better yet, book a pedicure at Karma Spa located at Sugar Bay Barbados.

(8) Hydrate, Hydrate, Hydrate… with water that is. There will be lots of free-flowing alcohol on the road so start your day with good ole’ H2O and don’t forget to continue to drink water while parading.

Kadooment Day Tips

(9) Charge your phone and be sure to have a waterproof case. You will want to take photos and videos for Instagram while in the Kadooment jump but look out for the cooldown showers along the route. Please remember to keep your phone and belongings safely secured while you parade in the crowds.

(10) Pre-book your Post-Kadooment full body massage at Karma Spa. Kadooment can take a toll on your body, treat yourself to a cool down massage, or just relax poolside after all the action of Kadooment Day.


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