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The Official Crop Over Checklist

Crop Over 2018 checklist

The Official Crop Over Checklist

If you want to do Crop Over right, there are a few things that you simply must do!

Here is the official Crop Over Checklist.

  Crop Over Checklist


Crop Over Parties:

So many parties so little time. Over Crop Over many locals will attend up to 3 parties a day! We have broken it down by type of party. Try to attend one from each section, we have listed a couple of our favourites.


Boat Party

Boat parties are usually held on the weekends aboard the Harbour Master, Dream Chaser or Jolly Roger Pirate Ship. Pack your coolers for the Scorch Bim Cooler Cruise or attend the Harbour Lights Booze Cruise for a drinks inclusive event. The most popular Crop Over cruise has got to be Oh Ship! This year Oh Ship will be aboard two boats with over 1000 people already attending.


Oh Ship Barbados 2018


Breakfast Party

A Breakfast Party is exactly what it sounds like, starting at 6am these parties include drinks, breakfast and a great time! Some of our favourite Crop Over breakfast parties include Brek-Fus, Scorch & Awaken Breakfast party.


Breakfast Party Barbados



There are many concerts over the Crop Over festival. From competitions like the Bashment Soca King and Party Monarch to the biggest DJs and names in soca and calypso. The concert we are looking forward to the most is Tipsy’s All White Beach Party. Wear all white and head over to Daquiri Beach on July 22 to see Kes, Bunji, DJ Puffy and more perform live!


Tipsy Barbados 2018


Paint Party

Friday, August 3rd is also known as Foreday Morning or Jouvert. Revellers take to the street to throw paint, mud and powder on each other while jamming behind music and drinks trucks. Caesar Army is the band of choice for celebrities like Rihanna and Lewis Hamilton, we also recommend Project X and Mix Nutz for a fun, all-inclusive night.

Rihanna Crop Over Barbados


Grand Kadooment Day Jump

The party you have been waiting for, Grand Kadooment day is the final day of the Crop Over festival. Pre-sign up with Aura, Blue Box Cart, Baje, Zulu or one of the many other Crop Over bands. Sign up includes your stunning costume, drinks on the day and many other features depending on the pass you choose.


Crop Over 2018



Crop Over Food and Drink:

At almost every Crop Over party, you will be able to ask the bartender for a Bajan Rum Punch. Warning, this sweet yet strong drink really packs a punch!

Fishcakes are a cheap, quick easy way to keep your stomach lined while attending party after party. You can find them at most parties or outside most parties selling in brown paper bags.

Corn Soup is a carnival staple at Trinidad Carnival. We have ‘borrowed’ it at Crop Over here in Barbados because it’s so tasty and a great after a long night out. Sip it from the cup for the easy, no spoon required way to enjoy it.

Bajan Cutters are simply a salt bread cut in half with ham, cheese, flying fish or whatever you choose inside. Cutters are easy to hold in one hand while your drink is in the other, plus they are super filling.


Other things to Do:

Schedule a relaxing day on the Saturday or Sunday between Jouvert and Kadooment. We recommend going on a catamaran cruise. You can swim with sea turtles and snorkel shipwrecks or simply relax on deck as the boat sails up the calm west coast of Barbados. Catamaran cruises include all you can drink and all you can eat Bajan buffet! Try the flying fish and macaroni pie!

Anything goes at Crop Over time. Find a local and just start dancing, they will happily join in and teach you how to ‘wuk up’ like a local! Dance till the sun comes up, from Jouvert to the Breakfast parties, you definitely watch the sunrise in Barbados at least once!

Finally, fall in love with Barbados and the Crop Over festival. It’s super addicting and gets better year after year. Don’t say we didn’t warn you, but no one does Crop Over just once!


Sea Turtles Barbados


Have you experienced Crop Over before? Comment and let us know some of your favourite events. Learn more about Barbados by reading more of our Sugar Bay Boho Blog posts.

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