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Bethany Pile – Artist for Sugar Bay Resort

Bethany Pile Artist for Sugar Bay

Bethany Pile – Artist for Sugar Bay Resort

From a young age, Bethany Pile always had a lot of encouragement from her parents when it came to art. Since her pre-school days, her art always stood out to most people, especially to her parents, since she was neat and stayed in the lines (unlike her younger brother who seemed to have a more Jackson Pollock-ish approach).

Art was a longtime dream in the making for Bethany. She experimented with other things, but was beckoned back into the world where paint and canvas lived harmoniously.


After spending some time away from Barbados, Bethany returned to her home and to the local art community. While working on own her collection, she worked at Vanita Commissiong’s On The Wall Art Gallery.

Like any artist, drawing inspiration can be difficult sometimes for Bethany. She recently returned from a trip to Mallorca and London with fresh ideas and renewed creative vigor. On her London leg of the trip, she visited an art gallery which showcased a more contemporary and realistic vision, a vast difference to her own ideas and works. One of her favourite artists includes the Chilean-born, New York-based Alonsa Guevara whose recent collection included fruit portraits. Alonsa’s work inspires Bethany to expand her usual repertoire with new and unusual subjects in the future. Another one of Bethany’s favourite artists is Kit King. Being raised by two artists’ parents, Kit King kept art close to her throughout the years. Kit’s focus is on hyperrealism therefore her paintings are “reflections of the ephemeral visual relationships around us. Capturing fleeting moments that affect our emotional state from a singular glance, under the aegis of a heightened sense of reality.”


In Bethany’s arsenal, she can strike a blank canvas with vibrant oil and acrylic paints, but recently she’s been drawn to the softness of water colours. Some of the paintings that will decorate the walls at Sugar Bay Barbados are in all three mediums, but the ones Bethany adores the most are the ‘Bougainvillea’ and the ‘Palm Tree’. Copies of her art will be available in Sugar Bay’s Gift Shop.


While working on commissions for the 4-star all-inclusive resort, Bethany is also simultaneously thinking of starting a new collection for her own exhibition. She loves spending time on detailed work (which is probably why she’s drawn to Kit King). Bethany’s previous collection at Canada’s Ridley College was entitled “Time” which highlighted this particular artistic feature she enjoys.

In 2010, sixteen year old Bethany unexpectedly won the prestigious NIFCA (National Independence Festival of Creative Arts) Prime Minister’s Scholarship for Visual Arts that year. It was unexpected because it was Bethany’s teacher who had entered her art based on Bob Marley’s Three Little Birds.


When she’s not busy painting, Bethany is a regular at Red Door Lounge, located in 2nd Street, Holetown. You can also see some of her watercolour paintings adorning Red Door’s eclectic space.

You can find more of Bethany’s work online:



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