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Barbados Through the Eyes of Instagram

Barbados Through Instagram

Barbados Through the Eyes of Instagram

Ever catch yourself scrolling through travel shots on Instagram?  Well, we searched #Barbados on Instagram and we were blown away by the beauty of this island paradise we call home. Planning a trip to Barbados? Here are some of the views you can look forward to!


Barbados from above

Stunning sites from the sky

In case you were wondering what it looks like when you fly into Barbados – If this view doesn’t make you excited then you can stop scrolling right now. There is nothing better than the feeling when you are about to land in beautiful Barbados. Photo credit: @travelplannerintl


Sugar Bay Sunset

A Warm Bajan Welcome

After checking in and relaxing poolside, head to the beach to catch your first breathtaking Bajan sunset. Warning you phone will be filled with sunset photos by the end of your stay in Barbados. This photo was taken at Sugar Bay Barbados. Photo credit: @pilotproject001


Oistins Fish Fry

Oistins Fish Fry Fridays

For dinner you MUST go to Oistins Fish Market for the freshest, local fish. Enjoy a cold Banks Beer (or four). This Bajan brew is a favourite among locals and visitors and pairs all too well with the flavours of grilled fish. Oistins is open every night, but is most busy on a Friday. Photo credit: @thechangingsun


Horses at the beach

The Bajan Sea-Horse

Have you ever seen a swimming horse?  Most mornings at sunrise, race horses from the Garrison Savannah Race Track take a quick swim at the nearby Pebbles beach. This magical site is worth the 5:30 morning alarm clock. Photo credit: @solemateadventures


Yoga on Water

Beach Yoga

While at Pebbles beach, rent a paddle board to explore the stunning Carlisle Bay from above water. Charge your Go Pro and challenge yourself to a yoga pose out at sea. Totally worth it for the awesome Instagram shot! Photo credit: @Paddle_Barbados


Best Trutle Selfie Ever

Sea Turtle Selfies

Dive in and explore Barbados’ underwater life. Our sea turtles are friendly and occasionally take selfies with you. Photo credit: @Kirk_Robinson


Monkey Around

Monkey Business

More friendly wildlife – shake hands with a Bajan Green Monkey. Spot them around the island or visit them at the Barbados Wildlife Reserve. Their feeding time at the wildlife is around 2 PM daily. Photo Credit: @utxlnghorn


Animal Flower Cave

Cave Swims

Rent a car and drive to the north of the island to the Animal Flower Cave. The views are stunning both above and inside the naturally formed cave. Cue the silhouette photoshoot. Photo Credit: @idelys


Bathsheba, Barbados

Rugged East Coast

Bathsheba, known for its stunning, untouched beauty and rolling Atlantic waves. Be mesmerised by local and international surfers at this popular surf break and look out point. Photo Credit: @vino2travel


Barbados West Coast

Calm Coasts: South & West

Unlike the East Coast, the South and West Coast are calm and relaxing. Take a day out from your tours and exploring to simply sit on a beach and soak Barbados up! Photo Credit: @zachgfoster


Calm Coasts

The Bajan Chattel House

It’s not all beaches, flora and fauna. Barbados has a rich history that can be discovered through its architecture and monuments. The Chattel House is a small moveable house that was designed during the plantation days. If inhabitants had to move they would literally pack up their house and move it with them. Chattel Houses are still present on the island today and a rich part of our history. Photo Credit: @jlife1000


The Bajan Chattel House

Leave Footprints Visit Barbados and enjoy its stunning beauty. Take photos, create memories, but leave nothing but your footprints. Barbados’ beauty is best left untouched. Photo Credit: @britgolding


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