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7 Bajan sayings you can use on your next vacation to Barbados

7 Bajan sayings you can use on your next vacation to Barbados

7 Bajan sayings you can use on your next vacation to Barbados

Learn the lingo before you travel. Whether it’s your first visit or fiftieth, Barbados has lots of fun sayings you can use on your next trip or share with your friends back home after your trip.


Here are 7 of our favourite sayings, their meanings, and how you can use them regarding your holiday to Barbados.


1. If greedy wait, hot will cool. 


Meaning: Your patience will be rewarded.

Use: When you have 32 days left in your countdown to your Barbados trip and you can’t wait to go. Trust us, it’s worth the wait because “if greedy wait, hot will cool”.




2. Every bush is a man. 

Meaning: Be careful how you talk about people because you never know who might be listening.

Use: While planning a surprise family vacation be careful because “Every bush is a man”


3. When yuh en’ got horse, ride cow. 


Meaning: Try to use all resources you have available.

Use: If there aren’t any taxis available to get into Bridgetown you can always rent a car for the day because “when yuh en’ got horse, ride cow”

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4. Yuh can’ want it in de glass and de bottle too. 


Meaning: You can’t have it both ways.

Use: You can’t go on a catamaran cruise and an Island Safari if visiting Barbados just for a day. “Yuh can’t want it in de glass and de bottle too.”

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5. One hand can’t clap. 


Meaning: Team-spirit and working together is required for best results.

Use: Work together and be involved when planning your family vacation because “One hand can’t clap”

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6. Never eat and forget. 


Meaning: Always be grateful for the hand that feeds you.

Use: If you are lucky enough that your parents pay for your flights to Barbados, don’t forget to be grateful “never eat and forget”

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7. Small pitcher got wide ear hole. 


Meaning: Be careful what is said in front of children, they understand a lot more than you think.

Use: Try not to argue in front of the kids on holiday because “small pitcher got wide ear hole”

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For full effect, try saying these local sayings in a Bajan accent. Are there any other sayings you have heard during your travels to Barbados?



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